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Haier Exhibition Stand - AWE Shanghai 2017

Client: Haier
Location: Shanghai, China
Service: Architecture
Photos: Manfred Vogel

The Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2017 (AWE) in Shanghai is the international trade fair for appliance
and electronics and is considered as one of the three most important consumer appliance and electronics fairs worldwide,
besides the CES and IFA. Our task was the overall conception and coordination of the Haier exhibition stand on 10.000sqm.
Our mission was to present the different brands of the Haier group in their individual diversity in one united presence.
We have created “Haier city”, which was enclosed by LED screens with dynamic content.
A central boardwalk opened the opportunity to stroll through the brand world of Haier.
Centre of the exhibition stand was a LED ring which was visible throughout the stand.

Haier - rgbSPACES - spatial design